“Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e”

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JSC “Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e” appeared in 1898. Then it manufactured the only product — vodka 40% ABV. Even though our Factory had to experience a lot of problems, year by year it was developed.

During the civil war the factory was not used for its intended purpose and was adapted for military hospital. Vodka manufacture resumed in 1925. Bottling of vodka was carried out manually in bottles of 0.25 l, 0.5 l, 3.0 l. Generally, most of the operations were done manually. During the Finnish War the factory manufactured for army and bottled vodka in 0.1 l bottles. Then in 1939 the manufacture of other alcoholic beverages started. Also during the Great Patriotic War the Factory was evacuated to the Aktobe city (Kazakhstan) and manufactured vodka there.

Afterwards, after World War II, the restoration of the completely ruined Factory began. And in 1950 the factory was equipped with modern domestically produced equipment. In 1955 two automatic lines were already installed and put into operation.

In December 1959 the grape wines production began, and in 1966 the largest wine warehouse in Belarus was built.

More than 70 product lines of alcoholic beverages and wines were produced. In 1985 by the decision of the USSR government the factories producing alcoholic beverages considerably decreased its manufacturing and redirected activity to non-alcoholic beverages production. The wine warehouse of the factory was reconstructed, and sector of bottling of non-alcoholic beverages was created there. The manufacturing and bottling of non-alcoholic beverages “Pepsi cola” (and afterwards “Coca-cola”) and mineral water “Vitebskaya” started.

Now JSC “Vitebsk Alcoholic Beverages Factory “Pridvin’e” is a modern highly mechanized factory producing alcohol and alcoholic beverages of more than 50 product lines.


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